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Attention and precision

Horizon Advisors is an independent Family Office and Wealth Management company which, from Lugano and Abu Dhabi, offers a complete range of services in the field of national and international taxation, domestic and international company incorporations and management, asset management for individuals and companies, international company relocation, succession planning and financial and business consulting.

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Years of experience

Professionalism and Confidentiality

Professionalism is a dominant and constant feature of our organisation. This is to ensure the maximum dependability of our employees and the expertise of our services. In addition, data protection, discretion and confidentiality of client activity are of paramount importance to Horizon Advisors.

Independence and Transparency

Independence and transparency have always been values that identify us.
As women, we are sensitive to treating our clients directly with female efficiency. In the course of our professional experience we have chosen not to bind ourselves to any specific partner but to establish collaborations with external professionals building solid relationships, which over time have allowed us to always maintain our independence especially in dealings on behalf of the client. Transparency, both corporate and operational, is the cornerstone on which every aspect of our management is based.